“Crowns And Confidence”


Feeling the need to create music that was grand sonically, and with a drastic message Famey was able to construct Crowns and Confidence; a collection of songs with a royal, yet impoverished spiritual approach. He felt it was important to fusion regalia with the idea of being a young black male / king living in today’s world.

Predicted to shake and enthrall the timid, impress the experienced, and bring enjoyment to music lovers. Famey’s latest project with a sound so monumental can be considered an “epic sonic art piece”

To create this unique project, Famey used references & samples from negro spirituals, and tribal music for the slave aspect. With this body of work, Famey takes you on a bone-chilling trip through history with a primitive, yet modern sound which he calls “Trap Spiritual”.

In the featured record “DonJon” inspired by his very own painting of a limbless slave escaping into the forest, Famey compares living in the basement and working a regular job to slavery, singing…

 “I was chuckin’ in the warehouse, sweatin’ bullets”

“I feel like a house nigga”. Crowns And Confidence, with a sound so theatrical, it sets a new bar for conceptual audio art.

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